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Caravan & Motorhome Services

Alde 5 year Fluid Change

Your Alde heating system contains fluid that needs changing every 2 years (if it's blue liquid) or every 5 years (for the pink product). We only replace your fluid with the 5 year product.

Appliance Only Service

Has your Space heater been unused for a few seasons? Does your fridge need to be functioning better? Then we can do a detailed Appliance Service for you.

Damp Report

Using non-evasive technology, a damp report can identify even the slightest water ingress before they become an expensive problem. An independent report that can also be helpful if you are selling your vehicle.

General Repairs and Improvements

We also do all general repairs and can install items such as bike racks, solar panels etc. Get in touch.

Motor Movers - Supplied and Fitted

We are Powrtouch Dealers and recommend this UK brand due to it's 5 year guarantee. If you have a different make in mind though please let us know.

Gas Safety Check

Is your gas system functioning properly and safe to use? Did you know that gas parts have an expiry date? Our Safety Check will verify that your system hasn't degraded and there are no dangerous leaks.

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